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Vessel Company is a manufacturer of two modeling brands:
Shipyard since 1985,
Railway Miniatures since 2016.

Family Company was founded in 1985 by Lidia and Krzysztof Klyszynski
and has developed to many directions of modeling to present day.

Shipyard brand is focused on marine models like sailing ships,
lighthouses, dockyard dioramas and accessories.
From wide range of Shipyard products can choose:
Marine Miniatures Laser-Cut Kits – complete box with all parts cut by laser, materials and accessories
which modeller need to build a perfect model.
Marine Fittings – more than 45 different types and sizes of blocks and cotton ropes produced by Company with traditions since 1638 year.
Marine Literature – modellar plans and books.
Traditional Paper Models – high quality printed parts with additional
laser-cut spare parts like masts, sails and blocks.

Quality and precision of our models is based on our long experience in the modelling field.
Confirmation of it we receive directly from modellers
which visit us on fairs where we show our products and models.

Railway Miniatures brand is focused on world of trains
where You can find models of houses,
buildings, sheds, cranes, lighthouses and garden accessories.
All products are laser-cut kits and sets.
Laser technology allows modellers to build models in perfect quality with all details.

We will be happy if You will trust us and give us opportunity
to satisfie You with our models and kits – hobby is our passion.